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Metal Fabrication

Calgary Metal Manufacturing

In business since 1992, Calgary Precision Metal Ltd. is dedicated to quality workmanship and takes pride in offering affordable metal manufacturing that meets your exact requirements.

We manufacture custom precision metal products which fully meet ISO 9001:2000 standards as well as our own in-house quality control program. This ensures that 100% of your shipped order is 100% correct. At Calgary Precision Metal Ltd., we are specialists who meet your varied requirements with custom, defect-free products.

We Will Meet Your Specific Timeframe & Budget

From the initial concept to the final assembly, we meet your specific timeframe and budget needs with a team known for design innovation and fabricating know-how. You can count on quick, knowledgeable feedback and prompt, on-time deliveries of your metal components. Products are designed and built to your specifications with a focus on quality control. Customers enjoy working with us as we provide short and stable lead times.

Experienced Staff is Backbone of Our Company

Our goal is to provide you with superior workmanship and dedicated service on each and every job. We believe that our employees are our most important asset and our success is due to a solid team effort. Our experienced staff is the backbone of our company and the reason why we can provide you with quality, innovative products and exceptional hands-on service.

Message from the President

Calgary Precision Metal Ltd. is a Calgary-based company providing state-of-the-art design and manufacturing solutions for almost every industry. Since 1992, Calgary Precision Metal Ltd. has established a solid reputation for exceptional quality and service with short, accurate lead times for services such as CNC shearing, punching, forming, welding, anodizing, powder coating and silk screening.

Calgary Precision Metal Ltd. understands when our customers say, “I need it yesterday.” We truly believe no customer is too small, no job is too large. From food service equipment to telecommunications, aerospace to the oilfield, production to prototype, team up with Calgary Precision Metal Ltd. for a personal, hands-on approach to your manufacturing needs.

Lee Downey


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